RYA Basic Sea Survival Training - 1-day programme

This is the programme of your 1-day Basic Sea Survival Training with theoretical and practical aspects which will be covered.

Preparation for Sea Survival

o Survival difficulties
o Survival requirements
o Equipment available
o Training drills and their importance
o Actions prior to abandonment

Life jackets and life rafts

o Life jacket: design, correct donning, use and entering water from a hight
o Safety harness: design, use and securing arrangements
o Life raft: designs, stowage and containment, launching, abandoning the vessel, righting, boarding, equipment and initial actions

Principles of Survival

o Protection
o Location
o Water
o Food
o Survival craft ailments
o Medical aspects of survival
o Secondary actions
o Subsequent actions
o Raft management


Practical Wet Drill

o Life raft launching
o Boarding dry and wet
o Entering water from a hight
o Methods to increase chances of survival in the water
o Helping injured people on board
o Raft capsize drill
o Final abandonment drill

Search and Rescue

o Rescue by helicopter or vessel
o Role of Coastguards
o International SAR organisation
o Other services
o Flare firing


RYA SRC Funkkurs

Unser RYA SRC Funkkurs besteht aus einem e-Learning Kurs (Zeitaufwand ca.10h) und einem ca. 75-minütigen Assessment. Optional haben Sie die Möglichkeit am Vormittag des Assessments ein 3-stündiges intensives Funk-Praxistraining zu absolvieren.

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RYA Sea Survival

Lernen Sie in unserem eintägigen RYA Sea Survival Training Überlebenstechniken, den Einsatz von Rettungsinsel, Notfallausrüstung und Rettungswesten, medizinische Aspekte zum Überleben auf See, sowie Such- und Rettungstechniken. Mit Pool-Session!

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