SMA Skipper PLUS charter training

An efficient way to increase your competencies on what to focus on when taking over a charter yacht.

Handle this yacht and crew in all kinds of challenges with skilled confidence and react appropriately in a MOB emergency - what actions must be taken to get back to the person in the water, how to get the person back up on board and tackle the challenges the casualty may face once on deck.

Dedicated 2-days training weekends on board a 33’ yacht on Lake Zurich. Precise preparation for your next yacht charter without investing travel expenses and vacation time!

Day I

  • Take over a yacht from a charter company
  • Safety components on board and briefings
  • Take the yacht out of the harbor and work on all 3 phases of MOB

Day II

  • Take the yacht out for some boat handling under sail and power when anchoring or approaching a mooring buoy
  • Bring the yacht alongside, stern and bow to in confined spaces using lines and springs, your brain and the engine

Pre-course requirements

For an SMA Skipper PLUS charter training, you should have received some practical sail training before and ideally hold a license such as RYA Day Skipper or higher, Swiss Hochseeschein, SKS or higher FB2 or higher, Coastal Skipper certificate of Croatia or equivalent. Swiss Maritime Academy courses are partially held in English. English skills a big plus for learning benefit. This applies to all maritime activities and supports effective communication offshore.

CHF 750
incl. lunch & snacks
excl. overnight stay (max. 2) and dinner

4 participants

Booking, dates & availabilities 2018 on Lake Zurich

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