5 Reasons Sailing Courses Make the Perfect Christmas Present

With just under six weeks to go until Christmas, people are starting to think about what they can wrap up for their loved ones that will bring a smile to their face.

If the prospect of dipping into every shop on the high street until you find that perfect gift fills you with dread, why not consider a different approach?

5 good reasons why sailing is a perfect Christmas gift!!!

Even if sailing lessons are not on a wish list, here you might find out that it's the perfect Christams gift:

1. Give the try of something new

Research showed that taking up or restarting a hobby and learning a new skill in the top 5 on the list of most popular 2013 New Year’s Resolutions, just below doing more exercise, losing weight and eating more healthily.

Reduce someones "bucket list" by giving sailing lessons for Christmas might change a live (in a positive way :-) and if you invest cleverly you can even be an active part of it...

2. An uncomparable gift

Remeber that uneasy feeling on Christmas Eve when they unwrap all the presents and you hope nobody got the same idea like you? Why not put some obvious effort in finding this unique gift this year?

Experience honest surprise when handing out a sailing lesson or two. This is the real fun of giving!

3. It's even healthy

Like all sports sailing is good for your health! It's not only the physical activity when, e.g. hoisting the main, sailing keeps your mind focused and off your day-by-day struggles. Get away from everything and unwind. last but not least it's outdoor in a fresh air environment. With this you even tick of some of the top 3 of the most popular on a New Year's Resolution list...

4. Being out on the water unites

Sailing presents the opportunity to enjoy leisure time in a unique way with friends and family. The ocean is a place to escape a technology dominated world and get back in touch with nature. Experiences made together will develop a unique groupe dynamic which stays on after hopping back on solid ground. Sailing might even become a new hobby for the whole family!!!

5. Loads of benefit

There’s good news for the buyer as well as the recipient! Sailing courses are not out of reach financially; in fact, they tend to be excellent value taking into account the time spent on the water and the level of guidance, support and instruction given by the experts.

Finally, a unique Christmas present that won’t break the bank!

Inspired by "TheBoatingHub"

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